Unmistakably Arabian..... 
   Undeniably Egyptian !!!
 August, 2009 
(Talmaal  x  Imperial Orbilahh)
A friend of mine has been after me all summer to come and take pictures of Talmaar because she felt the pictures we had of him on our web page did not do him justice.  We had tried to take pictures of him ourselves, but with one person manning the camera and the other holding the horse, there was no one to get the ears up.  Standing in the middle of the field making obscene noises just to get the stallion's attention goes only so far until he realizes that there is neither a food nor sex reward involved and he ultimately loses interest.  If I hadn't taken any good pics by the time he lost interest, the photo session might just as well have been over.  I have seriously thought of designing a "bear" costume with a built in opening for the camera lens, because wearing a horse blanket turned inside out has worked great for the girls.  But in this Texas heat, you can forget about wearing any such contraption in the summer.  And any stallion worth his oats knows that bears hibernate in winter so most likely would not pay attention if pictures were taken at that time of year wearing that ridiculous garb.
I know my friend purposefully waited until one of the hottest of days in August and called me up and said "Oh, by the way, I've got to go to Kansas in the morning to help someone take pictures of their fillies that they have for sale.  Since I'll be driving right past your place, can I stop in and take pictures of Talmaar?"  Now, we had previously discussed this and I thought we had agreed upon taking the pictures in late September or early October when the temps cool down to a tolerable 80 degrees in the heat of the day.  Being raised a Yankee, I have never become acclimated to the Texas summers, even though I have lived here for several decades!
She pulled up at the barn with her husband and a  whole passel of kids in tow.  I armed everyone with Wal-Mart bags and OJ carton noise-makers.  The mares were all secured in the barn.  And so we began.
We started with the halter pics first and Talmaar talked real sweet to his favorite Prince Fa daughter.  Then we decided to form a human wall across one end of the big pasture and turned him loose.  As Talmaar got warmed up, there was a whole lotta shakin' going on, not to mention the huffing and puffing of the three adults involved in trying to keep him from escaping to the other end of the pasture where there were mares on the other side of two of the fences.  We moved back and forth like a  school of fish, and equally as wet as the temp was close to 100!
I think the picture below is one of the last pictures taken before Talmaar spotted the weakest link in the human fence and darted right past his "Mom" and broke for the North Forty.  It really was rather funny as he had all of the horses in the neighborhood running, including the Quarter horses across the street and the neighbor's horses to the North.  Horses are such creatures of habit.  Whenever something is out of the ordinary, they all go berserk!  Talmaar was just flying around the pasture with his tail in the air having a grand old time. 

Talmaar, like his "Mom", is an easy keeper and is a little overweight.  Perhaps if we'd do this more often, we'd both be in better shape!  The pictures were taken by an amateur and the focus was on the horse, not the background.  So please forgive the overgrown weeds, dead trees, and mismatched fences.   

I hope this gives you a good idea of the Egyptian stallion who was our introduction to the Egyptian Arabian.  Unfortunately, one of the main attributes that the camera just cannot capture is his lovely disposition.  After nearly 10 years with him, we are still in love! 

Pictures have been cropped only.  Absolutely no changes have been made to the horse.  No shading, no highlighting, no enlarging, 
no stretching, no filling and obviously no cleaning up!  This is the real deal.  WYSIWYG !!!

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